Your Holiday Checklist: 5 Ways to Stay Organized During the Busiest Time of the Year

It’s. Here.

The season of crammed calendars, days of decorating, marathon shopping, and a seemingly endless parade of holiday parties…is officially here. If you’re like us, there’s probably some kind of holiday task – big or small – already slotted in your schedule everyday from now until the New Year. With so much happening, it feels like most days we’re flirting between a busy bustle and completely overwhelmed. Our advice? Take steps now to make yourself a little bit easier later (before life gets too crazy). Here are our Top 5 tips for smooth sailing – Because you should get to enjoy yourself, too!

1. Make a List

Ah, the beauty of really great list. (Just the word makes us breathe a sigh of relief!) Making a list – and checking it twice – is our good-as-gold tip for staying organized during the holidays. Heres why: 1) You won’t forget anything! Keeping a running list perfect way to ensure that nothing pops into your mind without making it onto paper, and 2) It’s totally therapeutic. Making a list allows you to wash your hands of the “remember it all” responsibility and feel a little more relaxed. Who knows! You may even carry this into your year-round routine. 

2. Enjoy Chores (Yes, Really)

Still have a million gifts to wrap before the big day? Find a way to enjoy it! Invite your sister over, pop on your favorite holiday movie, bring out a bottle of something bubbly, and turn your time into a little party for two. Adding a dash of something you love to something you wish was a little more fun is the perfect way to break up your to-dos and enjoy the experience!

3. Treat Yourself

You know that here at Maggy London, there’s nothing we love more than when you treat yourself to something special, and lucky for us, that just so happens to be our next tip! Treating yourself during the holidays can sound a bit daunting, but a true “treat” doesn’t need to be overly expensive or time-consuming. Throughout your days, find simple, small ways to do something nice for yourself. Running some errands? Make the extra stop and snag yourself a warm, cozy holiday drink. Driving to the post office to mail some cards? Enjoy the drive with your favorite music or podcast. Searching for stocking stuffers? It wouldn’t hurt if you added one extra candy bar to your cart.

4. Organize Your Outfits

We know your calendar is already filled to the brim with everything from school recitals and office occasions to dinner parties and cocktail-y gift swaps with your girlfriends. Organize your outfits now (before your find yourself wrapped in a towel, staring into your closet, waiting for something to appear). That way, whether you’re headed to your company’s annual charity gala or your best friend’s New Year’s Eve party, you’ll feel confident knowing you already have something to wear.


5. Plan Downtime

It’s easy to slip into the “Go, go, go” trap – especially during this time of year – which is why it’s so important to keep self-care at the top of your daily to-dos. Whether it’s yoga in the morning, a bath before bed, or calling the babysitter and stepping out for dinner with your s/o, make sure you keep doing whatever it is that helps you stay happy and healthy. 


How do you stay organized during the busiest time of the year? Leave your favorite tips & tricks in the comments below. It might be exactly what someone needs to see!